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Residential Real Estate Sales and Property Management

Consequences of Overpricing
How to Sell Your Rental Home to an Investor
Buying Lender Foreclosures or REOs
“As Is” Real Estate Contracts
Realtor or For Sale by Owner Comparison
Important Dates for California Property Owners
Renters Insurance - Why it is Necessary
Turnoffs for Home Buyers
Website Search or Multiple Listing Service?

Short Sales - Real Estate
Condominiums as Investments
Reasons to Use a Mortgage Broker
Mello-Roos Districts-Special Tax
Inflation - What You Need to Know
FHA Certification of Condominium Associations
How Saves You Money
Free Credit Repair
Installment Sales of Real Estate
1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges
Refinance Your Condominium - Get the Best Rate and Terms
Six Reasons to Run From a Property Manager
Buyer's Real Estate Agent

Business Sales and Acquisitions

What Determines the Cap Rate when Buying or Selling a Business?
Bulk Sales
California Sales and Use Tax Provisions
Successor Liability
Security Agreement - UCC Article 9
Alcoholic Beverage Control Act
Inflation - What You Need to Know

Become a Business Broker - Agent in California
Sell Your Property Management Company in California
Sell Your Residential Real Estate Brokerage Company in California
Business Sales - Payment Structures and Payment Options
Characteristics of Successful Business Executives and Entrepreneurs
How to Become an Invaluable Employee
Small Business Facts
Selecting an Agent for Service of Process for your Business
Reasons to Franchise Your Business
Mergers and Acquisitions
Advantages of Making Business Acquisitions with Stock
Duties and Structure of Corporate Boards
Selecting Corporate Directors
Leverage in Finance
Conflicts of Interest
Ideas to Expand, Protect, and Improve Your Small Business
Acquire Real Estate with Self-Directed IRA and 401K Accounts

Land Sales and Acquisitions

Land Banking Strategies
Land Investing for Non-Citizens
Land Sales Contracts
Tips for Selling Land
Avoiding Land Fraud
Famous Quotations About Land
Supply and Demand for Land
Who Owns America?
Inflation - What You Need to Know
Installment Sales of Real Estate
Acquire Real Estate with Self-Directed IRA and 401K Accounts


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