Buyer's Real Estate Agent

A buyer’s real estate agent, or buyer’s agent is a licensed real estate agent that represents buyers exclusively. Consequently, they owe a duty of loyalty to the buyer and not to the seller. Buyer’s agents do not accept listings from sellers. Of course, buyer’s agents must always conduct their business honestly when dealing with the seller’s agent, but will never disclose confidential information.

Buyer’s agents assist their clients by doing the following:

  1. Finding the right property at the right place;
  2. Negotiating the price and contract terms and conditions;
  3. Recommending other professionals such as property inspectors, termite inspectors, mortgage lenders, movers, escrow companies, and others depending on the circumstances; and
  4. Getting you preapproved for the best mortgage loan available. Fortunately, a buyer’s agent does not cost the buyer a dime because the seller’s agent will always divide his or her commission with the buyer’s agent when the escrow closes. Obviously, it is in the best interest of every buyer to be properly represented in order to protect his or her interest.



Buyer’s Revocable Agency Agreement

Agency Disclosure Document