Reasons Why People Choose Real Estate as a Career

  1. The number one reason given by the vast majority of successful agents is that you have an opportunity to help people achieve their goal of buying a home, whether it’s  a small starter home, or their dream retirement home. Closing a sale makes you feel good.
  2. As an independent contractor, you work for yourself under the guidance of an experienced broker. Thus you set your our hours and schedule and work as many or few hours you decide to invest in your own business.
  3. You have an opportunity to earn substantial income without having to invest major capital in a business. The top 20% of sales agents earn high incomes in the mid to high six figures. The next 20% earn good incomes in the lower six figures. With hard work and dedication, you can earn a great deal of money while serving your clients. Some agents hire a staff or develop a team and earn even more. The sky is the limit if you are willing to learn and work hard.
  4. Selling real estate provides an opportunity to meet people and establish roots in your community.
  5. Being a real estate agent is never boring. You are constantly learning.
  6. You will never get laid off due to lack of work. Regardless of the state of the economy, there are always people who want or need to buy or sell a home or other
    real estate.
  7. Selling real estate provides you an opportunity to become an expert in the market you choose to work. In a short period of time, with hard work, people will recognize you as an expert in your community.

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